Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet the Teacher Night @ MDO!

We had a yummy dinner and then loaded up the stroller and walked to the church to Meet The Teacher in Blake's Mother's Day Out class. She was SO excited to take us to her "school"! She showed us ALL around the preschool area and into her class. She kept saying, "Ok, follow me..." and then she would walk off to show us something else. How cute!

I am also VERY proud to share with you that yesterday's paper she brought home said that she did a great job being the leader for the day! AWH! She got to wash her hands first, potty first, be the first to sit for lunch and lead the line. She was so proud of herself too. Adorbale!

Her teachers said that she was "very bright for her age" and that she was "so easy" in class. She's such a good girl! We knew that though, LOL! This is only the first week and Blake has laready thrived in her new surroundings in class. We are thrilled to see what God has in store for us to learn through this experience. What a blessing this is going to be! Here are some pics of our evening....Enjoy!

Blake Mackenzie

Jaxon McDaniel

Whoaaaa it was windy!


...Just playing while we wait for the family to get there.

She had to show us this BIG BIRD on the wall!

This is in her classroom by the papers she made for Mommy & Daddy!

Blake was so glad that Rylee was there too....they had to play in the kitchen together for a bit.

Blake was building a tower for Paw Paw!


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