Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blake goes to "SCHOOL"!

Well, today was a milestone in the Staggs' household! Our first born & our sweet little PRINCESS, Blake, started her first year in Mother's Day Out. We had been talking about "school" for severael months and she was SO excited to finally be going to class. She's turned into such a big girl! Where has the time gone with this little angel?!

I went in and woke Blake so she could get ready for SCHOOL this morning and she was in a terrific mood! She was telling Jaxon all about it while she brushed her teeth and hair with her Daddy. Then she had breakfast and got dressed for her BIG day! We all FOUR loaded up to take Blake to class. It was a great way to send her off on her first day. She had her fancy new nap mat, her "pack pack", her blanky and her juicey so she was set for success. =)

When we got into the church (its a nearby Baptist church, the biggest one in Forney)she was thrilled to see all of the activities and things to do. She wanted to stop and look at every little thing! She couldn't wait to see what was going to happen at school! So we walked her to her class, met the teachers and other kids in her class, then Eric, Jax and I said our goodbye's and told her to have a great day! I was a little saddened to hear her cry a bit as we walked away but as you all know, she IS a social butterfly, so she was fine before we even got to the parking lot. =)

When I went to pick her up this afternoon, she was so glad to see me!!! Her teacher said she had a great first day and she did very well. She ate most of her lunch, played well, went potty and took her nap just like a pro! That makes me a PROUD MAMA!! As we were leaving she said bye to her teachers and said "Thank you for my school"......Awwwwwhh!! Precious girl!

We went over to Nana's to share the day with them. When she saw Jaxon she went up and hugged him tight & said "I'm so glad you're here!" How could she BE any more adorable?!? So overall, school was a wonderful success! She is looking forward to going back and learning more. She brought home a necklace she made with her thumb print on it and it says, "I'm THUMB body special" ........YES SHE IS!!!!

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