Friday, October 23, 2009

Blake or Jaxon?!

My sweet little monkeys! They look so much alike as babies. I had to get out some old pictures of Blake and compare. :)





Flashback Friday

Here's a good one.... Torrie, Me and Lezlie (I was 9 months pregnant)
We were ringing in the New Year in 2007. Blake was born 17 days later. Whew!
This New Years celebration will be MUCH different for all three of us. :) Lezlie is ringing in the new year with a new baby, as am I, this year. Jaxon will be nearly 8 months by then & Gavin will be 3 months! And Torrie will be preparing for her little bundle of joy to arrive in February! Oh how things have a GREAT way!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jaxon the Explorer

He is really enjoying the fact that he learned how to sit up on his own & is having lots of fun playing with toys. He has started just playing in his bed when he wakes up and I couldn't resist getting some pictures of that happy little man! He's growing so fast!! Enjoy...

Costume Preview...

I still have a few "tweeks" to perfect the PRINCESS PIRATE costume for Halloween but, Blake wanted to try it on so here she is!

Checking out her SUPER-D-DUPER cute "baby legs" leggings...ADORABLE!

Stay tuned for pictures of the kiddos in their FULL costumes! We are going to a Halloween party this coming Saturday... FUN!

Drool Baby Drool!

There is ALOT of drool going on at our house lately......isn't it cute?! LOL!!

Swine in '09

My precious baby boy somehow managed to get the swime flu last week. This past Thursday, the 15th, he woke up with a low grade fever. I fed him and he was ready to go back down for a nap almost immediately. While he slept I was on the phone to the Dr. finding out what was considered a "teething temperature" as he is at that age where it could have just been teeth. When he woke up, 2 hours later, he was BURNING UP! I totally freaked. I do NOT handle fever well. It totally freaks me out. So there I was taking a rectal temp. and calling the Dr. again. Result: 102.5 fever. Poor baby looked miserable. He was so lethargic and just puny looking. I gave him Tylenol and was on the phone yet again to the Dr. office. We got an appointment and headed to Dallas.
Dr. Finkleman sees us at about 2:30p and it had been 3 hours since I gave Jaxon Tylenol for the fever. It hasn't even touched his temperature, at all! He still had 102.5 and was pitiful. They did both a nasal swab and blood work to test for both types of flu. Then we waited. (the longest 20 minutes of my life)When the Dr. came back in and told me what we were facing I thought I was going to pass out. My BABY had the H1N1 flu! Whaaaaat??! He's too young for that! I was shocked and scared to death. Luckily, we caught it in the first 24 hours and we left there with a prescription for Tamiflu. Other orders were to keep the kids apart, for Jaxon to be on quarantine for 5 days and to keep him hydrated. His fever broke but then returned late that night at 103.2! Again, I was terrified. On the phone to the nurse, she told us how to treat the fever and that if it went up to 104, head to Children's. UGH! I did NOT want to see that happen. So, I was up every 3 hours alternating Tylenol and Motrin to keep that fever away. It worked!!
As if telling Blake that she couldn't come near her brother wasn't going to be bad enough - I had to totally remove her from the house in order to keep her healthy. She though she was on vacation though because she got to spend 4 days with my parents, whom she totally adores. I, on the other hand, was REALLY missing my sweet girl. I called her about 8 times a day! Sometimes she was too busy to talk to me but other times she would ask if Bubba was sick? Does he feel better? etc. She's such a great big sister.
Jax and I spent the next 6 days together....and Eric was there to help me or give me a break from time to time. A sick baby boy is no fun! He was uncomfortable, achy, sleep deprived, grumpy and overall just sickly. I spent my down time sterilizing things, cleaning with bleach, doing lots of laundry to keep germs from setting in & trying to stay healthy myself. It was a hard week to say the least.
I was SO ready to have my girl back home and for us to have a normal, healthy family again! Blake came home Sunday afternoon and it was very evident that she missed Jaxon! And he missed her too! They were SO glad to see each other although we still had to try and keep them somewhat apart. Jaxon started to feel better somewhat by Monday but finished his medicine Tuesday and was doing even better by then. He still couldn't sleep well but he was smiling again and playing some, which was good to see. Thank God for the advancement of modern medicine for getting my little guy back to normal! God is good!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cutie pie

What a handsome little man! I couldn't resist taking his picture....he looked so cute in this outfit. :)


I think it's safe to say that I love my kids to infinity and beyond! (We watched Toy Story Friday night, lol) And I can't get enough of taking thier pictures! They are so darn cute!! Here are some of my lil man. He's getting so big! He had his 6 months check up last week and he weighed 15.1 lbs and 26.5 inches long. He's officially allowed to have solids now so I gave him a sample of green was NOT his favorite but he sure does love his cereal! And he has learned to hold his botle pretty well. it kind of makes me sad but he's doing so good. Don't worry though - it's breastmilk in the bottle. He's still nursing most of the time but we had a bottle ready to go so he guzzled it down. Sweet boy!

We took big sister with us to the check up to see if we could get them both a flu shot while we were there....she didnt know that was my plan but it worked out for us because Blake got the flu mist and she did great! Jaxon didnt get his shot so we have to go back for it in a few weeks. Bummer! But, by the end of our appointment (11am) they were both in the car and passed out before we even hit the highway. They snoozed all the way back to Forney from Dallas. ENJOY! =)

Random Fun at the Staggs' House!

We were just having a lazy at home last Sunday after church...we did laundry, slow cooked some soup for our home care group that came over that evening, watched some football, played alot and the kiddos napped. We love these kind of days around the house.

Why did she decide that she needed to take off ALL of her clothes in order to wash her hands after dinner? WHO KNOWS!!! But it sure was funny! Silly girl!!

Visitors with baby Gavin!

Blake was SO SO SO excited to FINALLY meet Gavin! She couldn't wait to hold him and see his tiny feet!! She got to hold him with Lezlie's help and she thought she was big stuff. Then she spent the entire rest of the night glued to Lezlie's side, staring at Gavin and talking to him. It was adorable! The best part was when she randomly decided she should sing to she began to softly sing Jesus Loves Me, and she held his little hand. It was so sweet! I love that little turkey. She's such a sweet, sweet soul!

The girls and I went out to dinner with Lezlie last night and then headed over to my house so Mr. Gavin could come down and meet the ladies! He was being passed around like a sack of potatoes. He loved every minute of it though I'm certain! Randi got to be the lucky one to be the accessory to his photo shoot! Too cute...