Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Everchanging Jaxon!

The most wonderful trick that baby Jax has learned thus far!!!!!!

I have been trying to teach him to recognize his name and it's working. Yay! BUT, the best part?! When I call his name and he looks at me I will say MAMA to him and he immediately turns on that perfect, toothless grin and smiles as big as his whole little face! This baby KNOWS his Mama and he tells me he does with that grin!

Since we started signing to Blake at about 6-7 months old, we plan to do the same with Jaxon. I am 1,000% certain that her sign language has been a crucial part of her being so advanced in her speech, vocabulary and converstaion skills. I can't wait to hear my little man begin to call for "Mama" and sign to us like Blake did.

On another note, this little guy LOVES his exersaucer! I mean, he REALLY loves it! He plays in it alot and he jumps like he's wearing springs for shoes! We have affectionately nicknamed him "Jumping Jax" because he will jump himself silly in that toy. I have to admit, he is THE only baby I've ever known that actually likes that type of toy. LOL! Blake was never interested in it. ;)

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