Tuesday, September 15, 2009

....Blake says....

Oh my funny little girl! She can talk your ear off if you'd let her. She doesn't miss a beat and she hear EVERYTHING! These are a few of the latest things she has said that keep Eric and I rolling in laughter... Enjoy :)

The other night she was in the tub. I was getting things ready for baths; towels, pj's, lotion, diaper for Jax, etc. Eric stood in the bathroom holding Jaxon while Blake played. As I came into the room to get the baby and myself into the shower, our conversation went like this:
Blake - You gonna take a bath with me?
Me - No, not this time.
Blake - Are you gonna take a shower?
Me - Yes.
Blake - With Bubba?
Me - Yes, I am.
Blake (very serious face....thinking hard about what I had said)
Me - Maybe Daddy will take a bath with you?
Blake - WAAAAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (arms in the air and a huge smile)
I looked at Eric in disbelief that she A)just screamed Wahoo! And B)Where did she learn that? Funny girl!

Blake is going thru a stage where she like to repeat the same question over and over again until I am about to burst. Ahhhh 2 year olds! :)
So usually our conversations go like this:
B - Mommy, where are we going?
M - To Nana's house.
B - Where?
M - Nana's house.
B - Where Mommy?
M - We are going to Nana's house.
B - Where?
M - Blake, did you hear me the first time I answered you?
B - Yes.
M - Ok, then don't ask me the same question over and over when you know the answer.

SOOOOO, the other day she was in the back seat and Eric and I were in the front. She was just chatting away about everything under the sun. Eric asked her a couple of random questions like; Did you have a good day? Did you play with Dad Dad?
And all of a sudden Blake says to Eric, "DADDY, DON'T ASK ME ANY MORE QUESTIONS." AHHH HAHAHAHA!!! I can only assume that was her version of my response to her 50 questions game. Where else would she have heard something like that?! LOL!!!

Blake and I were just playing and talking & having a fun time when I had a "mommy moment" and I was consumed with emotions of how blessed I am to have such a bright light of sunshine in my life that is my precious little princess, Blake. So I said this to her:
M - Blake, you have the sweetest little voice.
B - You sure are cute, Mommy.
Ohhhhh my heart just melts for this angel! I LOVE HER TO THE MOON!!!

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