Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Closet CleanOUT!

So I decided last week to clean out both kids closets and drawers to get rid of everything that doesn't fit and is out of season since we are entering the FALL now. Yay for Fall!!! My all time favorite time of year! :) I had to do it while Blake wasn't home because she would never let me take everything out of her dress up closet. Years ago Eric added a third rod to the closet to accomadte all of Blake's clothes because they were overflowing everywhere. (imagine that!) I snapped on picture of the barest side of her closet where there are two rods and you can see all of the empty hangers that once were FILLED to the gill with clothes for the DIVA! When she returned home and went to find some shoes in the closet, she was devestated! I heard her from the hallway.... "Ohhhhhh NO!" "My stuff fell off here!" She thought that her clothes had fallen off the hangers.... not sure where she thoght they were since they clearly were not in the closet still. I couldnt help but giggle. She's SUCH a girl! I told her that the fun part is that we get to go shopping and get NEW clothes and shoes since her hangers were empty. We are on our way to filling it again! Eric and I did some shopping over the weekend and got a few things. I'll update the "new" clothes filled closet later. ;)

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