Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visitors with baby Gavin!

Blake was SO SO SO excited to FINALLY meet Gavin! She couldn't wait to hold him and see his tiny feet!! She got to hold him with Lezlie's help and she thought she was big stuff. Then she spent the entire rest of the night glued to Lezlie's side, staring at Gavin and talking to him. It was adorable! The best part was when she randomly decided she should sing to him.....so she began to softly sing Jesus Loves Me, and she held his little hand. It was so sweet! I love that little turkey. She's such a sweet, sweet soul!

The girls and I went out to dinner with Lezlie last night and then headed over to my house so Mr. Gavin could come down and meet the ladies! He was being passed around like a sack of potatoes. He loved every minute of it though I'm certain! Randi got to be the lucky one to be the accessory to his photo shoot! Too cute...

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