Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO!!

**warning: This is a LONG post** Cut me some slack, we WERE there for 7 days!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Packed and ready to spend a solid week in paradise with my love! Only trouble is, we have to say goodbye to our sweet little ones. =(
We head to the airport with the beach on our minds! After a quick trip to the bookstore we grabbed a bite to eat at TGIFridays in the terminal where we goofed around with the camera, not knowing what to do with ourselves since we had no kids with us to preoccupy our minds! LOL!! We board the plane for a 2 hour and 45 minute ride to the beauty of MEXICO!

So we make it Mexico, drive into Cabo, check-in to the resort...and it's 10pm! Whew! What a day! But, here's the digs we stayed in for the week and you can tell how excited we were to actually BE THERE!!!! (even if it WAS late)

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Eric made it a routine to get up every morning and watch the sunrise on the balcony. We had an AWESOME view of the ocean from our room! So we started the day with a beautiful sunrise then off to enjoy the town and some good eats & drinks.

2 for 1 drinks ALL DAY!!! The speacilty of Cabo, The Miami Vice, is what I had...YUM! Half stawberry daiquiri and half pina colada!! Eric had another speacialty with a name I can't put in type!! hahaa! We had the most fun at this beach restaurant, MANGO DECK. If you ever go to Cabo, check it out. Our waiter made fresh guacamole at our table and it was to die for! We also had a GIANT shrimp cocktail that was SO delicious. Mmmmmmmm

A beach dog came up to the table and of course, Eric had to make friends with him!

And so it begins.....
We were in paradise for 7 days, 6 of those we spent on the beach; therefore here is the first of SIX bikinis I packed for the trip. I have to admit, I was still very self concious of my wanna be bikini bod - but I just went for it! I'd lost 10 lbs and nearly 12 inches for this trip and I met my goal!

Next, we went headed back to the Resort SPA for out COUPLES MASSAGE and my facial! Talk about a breath-taking place! Relaxation and worry free, WE WERE! I wish I'd gotten to take my camera into the stunning room where we had our massages. The spa was a great way to start off our vacation!

Wouldn't ya know the Cowboys were playing a "history making" game back in Dallas and we were strolling the streets of Cabo on our first night in the city. So as luck might have it, we came across a sports bar with an amazing special (see the sign) and we stopped in to check the score. Cowboys vs. Giants - We didnt stay long enough to watch them finish the game but I did get to sign our names on the wall before we left! It was a good night!!

Monday, September 21, 2009
So we started the day with a beautiful sunrise again and Eric caught up on his reading. For the record, I DID read 3 books to his 1.5 while we were there! =)
Then we headed to the pools! One pool has a really cool and very realistic looking pirate ship that the waters circle around. Would have been super fun for Blake!


After some fun in the sun we headed downtown to the MARINA and checked out a few hot spots for good drinks and maybe a snack or two. We did lots of walking!! It was scorching hot but we didn't care....
This was the view at Soloman's Landing:

HOLY HOOTERS!!! I couldn't resist taking this pic for my BF, RANDI! Love you! =)

We stopped off at the Harley Davidson Bar for some DYNAMITE DAIQUIRIS!!! Yummmmmm

Since our room had a kitchenette bult in & we were going to be there for 7 days, we took the advice of the locals and went in to town for some groceries! Can you believe it?!?!?! We were at WALMART in MEXICO- what a vacation! HAHAAA!!

After a long day we decided to take our books and go to the beach for the sunset and relax a little. By the time we got to bed, Eric was saying "No more pictures!!" HAHA! And it was only day 3!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
You guessed it! Up with the sun, again! Isn't it beautiful though?

After sunrise and some breakfast we headed to the pool. Man was it HOT! Around 11am it got pretty entertaining around the poolside and Eric decided to be a contestant in a game where you try to putt a ping pong ball into a hula hoop, IN the pool! He didn't win us 2 free margaritas but it was fun anyway. He's so crazy!


This evening we headed out on the party boat/sunset cruise/dinner....it was fun, HOT, but FUN! (There seems to be a theme of that for this trip, huh?!) On our walk down to the boats, everyone was making comments about my BOOTS! Gotta love it when even in another country, people can appreciate a lil' bit of Texas & a country girl with super cute boots on!! =)


Ok ok, I know it usual does NO justice to the scenery when you try to take "scenery pictures" but I think these turned out pretty darn good. This was one of many times that I was in complete awe of God's creations, while we were on this trip. Amazing!!

This was the part where we got to go inside and eat dinner & see the "show". It was great food and great entertainment! My battery died on my camera before they got to the part where Eric was volunteered to participate in a stunt! Wish I'd gotten it on film! They put a broken off cigarette in his mouth while a guy swung these whips around within INCHES of his face to knock it out of his mouth & they never even touched him! It was pretty cool!! We ended the evening with some dancing under ste stars while they played some good music on the top level of the boat as we drive back into the marina.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
It's an especially early morning for us today! We had to be at the marina BY 6:15AM! Eric had been looking forward to this day all week! FISHING TIME!!!! Yep, up before dawn & on the seas for 8 hours trying to coax in any of the amazing fish of the Cabo Seas! We chartered a private boat. 28ft and just us with the Captain & his deckhand. Fancy! I was dragging but the sunrise (of course) really made it worth it. Wow! Absolutely stunning to see especially from the water. God is good! Eric was pumped about reeling in something extraordinary & off we went......

Around 11am - WE GOT A BITE! Eric fought him in and it was a beautiful Tuna! Into the live well he went and we were off to see what else we could drag in. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything else. Eric was a little bummed BUT we had a great time together, alone on the boat with the seas whipping around us. It was pretty romantic. =)

BIKINI #4!!! (this was my FAVORITE ONE)

When we got to the dock, there were guys there waiting to see what we caught & to take it to be cleaned so we could either have it cooked for us or ship it home. We opted to ship it back since we had to send back a cooler full of "Mommy's Milk" and the fish Curtis had caught while he was there the week before us.

A long day at sea made for an early night. When we got back to shore, we headed to the resort & hot the pool for some night swimming. I'm pretty sure we were in bed by 9pm that night!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009
This is our official wedding date but we decided to celebrate our "night on the own dinner date" on Friday which had always been our dating anniversary date. It worked out because Friday was our last night in Cabo and it was our original anniversary date from when we started dating 11 years ago!

So we decided to hang by the pool for a while and try not to get even more sunburned than we did the day before on the fishing boat. We had a good time just relaxing and enjoying each others company.


At lunch time we headed into town to a recommended restaurant for some yummy shrimp! It was a good meal and I got serenaded by a one man mariachi band! LoL! The Shrimp Factory is a must do, if you are ever in Cabo! Mmmmm

Just goofing around.........

By this time we were REALLY missing the babies! =(

THIS WAS MY STASH OF MILK FOR JAXON...... Nothing like traveling with a breast pump!

Ok, off to the pool and maybe the beach....MAYBE! It had been red flagged all week, meaning the currents were too strong to swim in....hmpfh!
Eric was really enjoying his reading!!!! HAHAHAAA

We head out to the beach anyway. I'm out there about calf deep in crashing waves, when they reached the beach. We're just looking around and taking in the day when a HUGE wave comes and literally pulls my feet out from under me and throws me onto my butt! It was hysterical!! My towel that was on my shoulder got soaked; I lost my hat; and there was sand in every inch of my swimsuit! Eric was rolling.......
So we decided to just gow ith it! We got in and braved the waves (somewhat) until the waves finally won. It was lots of fun! The sand was EVERYWHERE when we got to the beach shower before going back to the pool area! Good times! That night we ordered in room service and watched some documentaries on shark attacks...why?! Who knows!

It wasn't until I got back to the room when I realized that my camera was BROKE!!! I have no idea how that happened but at least I could retrieve my pictures from the memory card. Darn it! Still having a day and a half in paradise - I NEEDED a camera!! So.....

Friday, September 25, 2009
It rained ALL morning.... some pretty good storms rolled through and it was black skies over the roaring seas as we watched from the balcony. We were actually happy to call it a snuggly morning and curl up with a book. Wait, I didn't have a book! I'd already gone thru 2! We were out to Walmart to find a book, IN ENGLISH, in the rain.... fun times. It didnt last too long and we got a disposable camera while we were out. Man that was different! You dont realize how many pictures you take when you know you can just review and delete the ones that you dont like. I've sent the FILM out to be developed so I'll have to share those later......


(later on 10/7/09 - I got the FILM back! hahaaa)

Once the rain stopped we threw on our suits and headed to the famous LOVERS BEACH! We took a water taxi to get there, which is the only way to get there actually. Lol! Then we were dropped off at the beach with no way of getting back to the mainland unless our taxi driver actually came back for us by boat! I guess we tipped him enough because he DID come back in 2 hours to get us. =)

The Pacific Ocean side of this beach is aka Divorce Beach.... if you go into the water on this side one of two things happens: 1. Youre wife will be so mad at your for trying to take on the deathly rip tide that she will divorce you. 2. You wont have the chance for a divorce because you will die. LITERALLY. People die going into those waters every month. It's told all over the town - Do NOT go into the water on the Pacific side of the penninsula. We took thier word for it and took pictures instead. This was a very romantic spot! A desserted beach with nothing but sand and sun. It was awesome!

After some fun in the sun we went back to the room and got all gussied up for our romantic dinner to celebrate FIVE GLORIOUS YEARS OF MARRIAGE!! The restaurant was fabulous! The ambience was wonderful; the night was cool from the earlier rain and the celebration of our marriage was such a treat! We ha a fantastic time but the food was less than par. Boooo =( BUT, the wine made up for it! We had a good evening.

And thennnnn.... of course, we had to use up the rest of the FILM so here ya go!

Overall, it was a FANTABULOUS trip! Remembered why I fell in love all those years ago and how we've kept our love alive! We missed the kids tremendously and can't wait to plan our first Family Vacation to CABO! Maybe next summer....

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Looks like it was a blast!! Darrin and I need to do something like that, I can't imagine being baby free for a week!! WHOA!

You look great in your bikini's! Keep up the good work Momma!