Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kids say/do the cutest things!

SInce it's practically impossible for me to keep up with all of this cuteness in baby books, I thought I'd make a chronicle here. Who actually WRITES things down anymore?! :)

Blake - age 2, The Smarty Pants phase:

We were going to the movies the other night and she told Paw Paw, "We going to the movie! Can you believe it?!"

After sitting thru an over 2 hour long movie (not a cartoon) my sister says to Blake "You were SUCH a good girl! The best little girl EVER!" and Blake responds with "I KNOW! I WAS!"

The other day I told Blake that I had to change Jaxon's diaper. She asked if he "had poop?" I said Yes. She promptly told him, "Bubba. We DON'T poop in our pants!"

I was talking to Blake on the phone while she was at my parents house and she was basically ignoring all of what I was saying and just continually saying to me "Mommy? Can you hear me?" Clearly I could. But she thought it was best to keep repeating that until I finally said, "Ok, let me talk to Nana."
Blake: No, you're talking to me first. I burst out laughing!

In the car one day she told me that "Daddy is a big man." Where does this come from?! LOL!

We have alot of talk and excitment about poop in our house these days. One early morning she did it all by herself and was so proud...
Blake: Look Mommy! I pooped in the potty! Like a BIG girl!
Me: YEAAAAH Blake! Good job!
Blake: So, Mommy, Do you think you wanna go to Nana's now?

On another day, she pooped in the potty and was so proud of herself she came running into the room where we were and said, "You wanna come see my poo poo?!" Wellllllll, sure. Why not!? So we head to the bathroom, where she stands in front of the potty, looks in & says "It's a BIG one! LIKE A SNAKE!!!!!!" AHHH HAHAHAHAAAA!

And my favorite thus far; She jurt her finger yesterday and she was very upset about it, crying and really worked up. A huge blood blister popped up and it was pretty ugly. I tried to comfort her and hold her but she was still shaken up. The conversation went like this...
Me: What can I do to make it better? Do you need ice cream?
Blake: yes (sniffling)
Me: ok, I want you to feel better and not hurt anymore.
Blake: But, mommy, (tear filled eyes & bottom lip out) it hurts my heart.
AWWWHHHHHH! Tears just filled my eyes! I tell her that it hurts my heart when she gets in trouble, all the time. And THIS too was hurting my heart to see her in pain. So when she said that I melted. It was the sweetest thing.

Now, on to JAXON, age 4 months: The Ever-Changing phase:

When I sing to him, he lights up! The smile of an angel and he just staes at me....it's adorable.
At last
my love has come along
my lonely days over
and life is like a song

He has started rolling over! What a milestone. It's bittersweet for me watching him grow SO fast.

Jaxon has really been babbling and talking alot. He will just coo and make noises back to me as I talk to him. :)

This baby laughs and giggles....for his MAMA!! I know just the spot to get him & he grunts and giggles like crazy. It's precious!

He has found his feet! What an accomplishment and a treat for Jax. He grabs at them and pulls on them almost all the time. He's also noticed that he can grasp things and take his paci out on his own. (Also so very bittersweet for me!)

Jax really, really LOVES to watch Blake. He follows her with his eyes, all over the room. She can talk to him and calm him from crying.... such a Mother Goose, I tell her.

Oh, does he like to snuggle! He's a cuddly baby boy. Yet, he doesn't like to sleep with us. Which works out for us! He needs his space to sleep.

At this point, any and everything goes straight into his mouth. No questions asked.

I love it when I ask him if he's a SILLY BABY? and he crazks up laughing. Ahhh, the little things.

These babies are my whole world. I can't believe how they change so much each day. What a wonderful journey to be thier mommy and to play a part in God's plan. I'm so very blessed!

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