Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doing something Special...?!

My mom and aunt had taken Jaxon out to lunch yesterday while Blake was playing with "the girls" at Randa's and they came home with a great story. While they were waiting and eating my aunt was holding Jax, playing with him, making him laugh and smile that big beautiful toothless grin and he kept peering over the booth towards a man at the next table. My aunt says he was a well dressed, sophisticated,preacher-type looking black man. He was watching Jaxon play and just enjoying the baby I suppose. When they got ready to leave he stopped them and asked how old the baby was and said how cute and sweet he was over there playing. And then he followed it up with, "I just have a feeling that he is going to do something special in his life. He will be something special." Hmmmm. A preacher? A doctor? A teacher? The sky is the limit but what a neat observation from a complete stranger. Here's his picture from lunch yesterday. I love this little man!

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