Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time for a little catchin' up

So, I've obviously been behind on blogging. Gosh, life got busy. So here's the run down on the last month at the Staggs' family.

Eric went out of town on his annual hunting trip to kansas with the guys the @nd weekend of November. It was a long 4 nights without him home, mostly because I just missed him being there. But I tried to make the most of the time I had with the kids by myself and we did some fun stuff! Friday night we had movie night with Kristin, Randi and all the kiddos. We met up with the other mommies and babies on Saturday mid-morning to play and have lunch at the park. Then on Sunday we went to church and to see A Chrsitmas Carol in 3D with Kristin and her kids. It was a fun weekend and we had a good time together but we were ALL ready to have Daddy back at home with us by Tuesday.

My mom finally got a job that same week and that was a huge blessing for her! Praise God! But it threw a kink in our situation for child care so we are currently working on the "next season" for our precious little family. God is working big in our loves so we are waiting patiently to hear from Him. More on that later I hope!

Blake's school had a Thanksgiving lunch before they let out for the holidays and i made treats! It was a fun little baking project, which I LOVE! I made Oreo Popcorn Balls and attached them to cardstock that I wrote little Thanksgiving messages on for the kids in her class. I even put little fall themed stickers on them. They turned out cute and I love to bake so it was a win, win!

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday as well! I will post pictures soon!

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