Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids Christmas Party 2009!!

We got all of the kids together this year for a gift exchange and it was SUCH a fun night! Everyone played well together and the babies were just as sweet as pie. Between ELEVEN kids and EIGHT Moms, I'd say it was a success! Can't wait for next year with all of the new babies to join in the fun. =) Enjoy!

Anna & Makenna, Randi & Easton, Joanna & Wyatt, Jacob, Kristin & Kaitlyn, Lezlie & Gavin, Me & Jaxon (Blake is on the front row, BIG cheesin'!)
Sarah & Jayden, BLAKE, Libby, Addison & Lacey

Blake hearts Easton! He asked her to "help" him open his gift from cute!

Time to eat! Look at all these little ones gathered 'round!

1st attempt at pictures....
Wyatt, Easton, Blake & Kaitlyn (Blake had her hand resting on Easton's leg the whole time! They are so sweet!!)

2nd attempt:
Libby, Jayden, Wyatt, Eastin, Blake, Kaitlyn, Makenna....and a stray! Jacob!! LOL

Time for Gifts!!!

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