Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat!!


This was Blake's 3rd Halloween but her first time to actually go out trick or treating. She was very excited about it and she really had a great time even though there didn't seem to be many houses with a light on this year. My little PIRATE PRINCESS and the BABY PIRATE, as Blake says, made it until about 9pm and then crashed! We got to have Unlce John & Brooke and Dad Dad come over to go trick or treat with us which was FUN! We stopped by to see Paw Paw and baby Gavin while we made out way through the neighborhood. What a GREAT night!

Uncle John let Jaxon pick a "treat"...... A Tootsie Roll!!! WHAT?! Silly Uncle John! Jax DID enjoy chewing ont he wrapper for a bit though.

Getting ready for the CANDY FAIRY!
We talked to Blake about how she would get candy in her bag and how at the end of the night she could leave it out for the Candy Fairy & get a prize! She was VERY excited about this. So, we let her choose 5 pieces of candy to keep and then she left her bag overnight to see if the Candy Fairy would trade her for a SURPRISE!!! Turns out, the Candy Fairy is pretty awesome & brought her a Dora Dress-up Set! She was pumped!!

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Lindsey said...

That is an awesome idea!!! I will have to try that next year. Landrie really doesn't eat too much candy but still, we don't need it laying around the house either. Your neighborhood too with very little lights on? It was kind of a bummer, but they still have fun.