Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Movie Night @ Forney Park

Last Friday night Forney hosted a Movie In The Park Night. It was a Halloween themed movie of Abbott and Costello form the 40's but we thought the experience would be fun for the kids so off we went! We met up with Kristin, Kaitlyn & Jacob so the girls could watch together and play. We open the hatch to the SUV's and got out our popcorn buckets, cookies & juice and had a great time just hanging out. It really was a cool thing to do. They had a full sized movie screen up and you could either listen to it in your car through the radio or outisde the car by speakers from the screen. It's as close to a drive-in movie as I've ever been and the kids really liked being outside. We didn't stay for the whole movie but we will definitely go back when they do the Christmas movie in December. Blake and Kaityln got into our car & they just played and giggled the whole time. It was so cute! Kristin and I are in for TROUBLE with those two later in life!!! They are US, made over! The boys played in Kristin's car and Eric went back and forth between the two cars making sure everyone had what they needed.


Kristin and I with OUR BOYS & their paci's! LOL!!! They were sleepy boys....

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